Another Day in Paradise – Destination Spotlight

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I’ve been in Mexico for less than 24 hours and already I’ve done, seen and enjoyed so much.  My favorite time in this beautiful place is morning so despite the late nights, I’ve been up early to do a little bit of work and enjoy the ocean breeze.  So that brings me here to the oceanfront terrace of our plush condominium here at El Taj.  The water is clear, the beach is quiet and the whole day is ahead.  I simply enjoy watching the staff here make all the preparations for the day . . . setting the tables of the oceanfront restaurant, raking the sand, placing pillows on beach chairs . . . the sights and sounds of the beginning of another day in paradise.  But before I adventure into my today, here are some quick highlights of my yesterday.

Destination wedding El Taj Resort planner Inspired Occasions

Destination wedding El Taj Resort planner Inspired Occasions

After a relaxing morning walking and reading on the beach, our group was treated to a delicious lunch at Mi Pueblo, a Mexican Cantina right on Fifth Avenue (the “Broadway” of Playa del Carmen if you will) specializing in authentic Mexican comfort food.  Course after course came of melt in your mouth flavors.  The highlight for me was hands down the Queso Fundito ala Tequila, which is essentially a hot pot of thick melted Mexican cheeses with some tequila and spices that you scoop into warm homemade tortillas before dying and going to heaven!  The sounds of a Mariachi band added  that extra something special to this festive meal.

Destination wedding private villa Mexico planner Inspired Occasions destination_wedding_private_villa_mexico The afternoon was really a focal point of my trip here.  I had the opportunity to meet up with a local wedding planner I’ve come to befriend on previous trips and tour a handful of hidden and unique venues for wedding ceremonies and receptions.  A detailed description of each of them will come in a later blog but for now I’ll say I was amazed at the varying experiences a destination couple can have here.  This area has much more to offer than just beach ceremonies and hotel receptions.  Couples wanting to surprise and delight guests can choose a golf resort with a ultra contemporary chic décor or a private Spanish style oceanfront villa with a personal chef that will accommodate all of their guests in one luxury structure (sneak peak photo – right).

Aldea Corazon Playa del Carmen Mexico wedding planner Inspired OccasionsAldea_Corazon

I rounded out the busy day as a guest at the grand opening of a brand new restaurant and event venue, Aldea Corazon (left).  This magical place has an entrance on the busiest section of Fifth Avenue and yet when you walk in, its an entirely different world.  It is like stepping back into the ancient Yucatan.  Tables are nestled in and among tall Banyan trees, ruins and vegetation of an existing and unspoiled sacred Myan garden.  We were treated to cocktails and delicious hors d’oeuvres while ceremonies led by a local Shaman (Myan  priest) blessed this special event space.

And the day ended almost as it began, with me at Mi Pueblo with a flaming pot of cheese and basket of homemade tortillas.  I couldn’t resist!