D.I.Y. (Tip #1: Champagne Wedding . . . Boxed Wine Budget)

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DIY! That’s right . . . “do it yourself.” Let me preface this by saying, please do not make the mistake of doing it ALL yourself. There are so many great resources for DIY brides these days, but no matter how simple each project seems unto itself, try to do too many and you’ll soon find yourself buried in tedious projects, late night trips to the craft store and days of set up prior to your event.

That being said, there is a place in every wedding for one or two great DIY projects. For example, instead of hiring a stationer or printer to create all of your stationary elements, choose one to do yourself. If you are computer savvy and have a good quality printer, try using one of the high quality invitation kits out there. Add a few of your own embellishments like crystal appliqués or specialty ribbon to pump it up and make it unique while dramatically cutting your stationary cost.

Or try this DIY cost-cutter . . . instead of having menu cards at each place setting, order or create three per table, display them in frames you already have or on small inexpensive easels that coordinate with your décor and place them on the tables to add another visually interesting element to your tablescape. Displaying three of them on a round table will ensure that each guest can view it while cutting your menu card order by at least half. When choosing which DIY project(s) to take on, carefully consider the amount of time, skill, tools and manpower you have available to you. Pick one or two that you can reasonably execute and, most importantly, will effect the bottom line.

Happy crafting everyone!