An Engagement Photo Session: Do you need one?

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Professional photography and weddings have always gone hand and hand.  I find that most couples make the selection of their photographers one of the first big decisions they make when planning their wedding.  Back when I got married it was customary to not only hire a photographer for the wedding but also to do formal bridal portraits.  You’d do your hair and make-up just like you’d wear on the wedding day.  You’d put on the gown and hold fake flowers and get very formal photographs taken in the photographer’s studio. A framed portrait from this session would greet your guests at the reception.  That tradition is less common today, afterall I was married 15 years ago.  In recent years it has been replaced with the more stylish engagement shoot.  So what is the advantage of having your photographer do an engagement shoot before your wedding?  See and hear it right from the experts as Scott Kretschmann Photography gives you an inside look at one of their sessions with one of our favorite couples.

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