What is an escort card?

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inspired occasionsAssigned seating is essential to the smooth flow and comfort of wedding guests.  Escort cards are the perfect way to communicate to your guests where you’d like them to sit during the reception.  But just because they are a functional necessity, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be an integral part of your overall event design.  A stunning escort table is the perfect way to wow your wedding guests from their first entrance and gives them a glimpse of what is to come.

First, let me the answer the question . . . What is the difference between an escort card and a place card?  Although the actual cards may look alike and serve a similar purpose, the difference is in the presentation.  Escort cards are centrally located, usually on a table, for guests to pick up.  The card directs them to the specific table where they will be seated and doesn’t specify a seat.  Place cards are “placed” at the actual guest’s seat which is a more formal presentation.  Most couples opt for simply the escort card.

Once you’ve decided to have assigned seating and use escort cards, make sure you give some thought as to how you can tie the cards and the display into your overall event design.  You can do this by incorporating your colors or other design elements into the actual card or you can use a simple pre-printed card and focus more on the presentation of the cards as a whole.  Here are a few tips and examples to give you a little inspiration.

escort cards pink




Using a pop of color and a sleek design, cards like these “pretty in pink” ones create a striking presentation when displayed in mass quantity.  Although beautiful, this design is an expensive one to create.  Silver bordered tent cards are dressed up with a bit of pink craft store ribbon and a pearl and bow applique.  Guest names are printed on clear address labels and affixed to the card giving it a professional and polished look.






These escort cards used for an Adirondack themed wedding are a super inexpensive way to create an escort display with tons of character.  The bride and groom used their regular hikes to collect the pine cones and rocks.  We added a simple handwritten escort card and a little ribbon to complete the look.  Displayed in ultra-neat rows, this display became an integral element of the overall event design. 







Escort cards don’t have to be cards!  Find a way to dual purpose your favors so that they  double as seating assignments.  Top:  Simple tags with names and seating assignments were tied to these shabby-chic looking CD’s featuring the Bride and Groom’s favorite music.   Guests found their seats easily and walked  way with a personal and meaningful gift.  Bottom:  Hung on a french bulletin board for this rooftoop Paris themed event, these velvet jewelry pouches contained quarters for guests to use in the room’s viewfinders.  Custom tags featured the guest name and table assignment on one side and a simple message “Enjoy the View” on the other.escort card favors inspired occasions schenectady





SONY DSC  The escort cards themselves need not be elaborate, but if you choose a simple card design, make sure  you bump up the “wow” factor on the overall display.  This couple’s wedding was all about classic romance.  These plain folding cards were purchased at a local craft store and adorned simply with fabric flowers and a crystal applique center.  However, there was nothing plain about the display.  A table was covered with a lush blanket of red rose petals before adding the cards and a sprinkling of large and small crystals.  The result  . . . stunning!






Photography (top to bottom):  Scott Kretschmann Photography, Sarah Smith Photography, Heather Bolm-Tallman and Lilly Zach Photography.