Retail, Recycle and Recoup (Tip #4: Champagne Wedding . . . Boxed Wine Budget)

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It takes a special kind of bride to really capitalize on this tip. If you love to shop and find bargains, this tip is for you. Use it wisely and save big bucks!

shoppingWith elaborate craft and party stores in almost every neighborhood and endless online resources for wedding and party supplies, purchasing items directly instead of renting or purchasing them through a vendor can add up to huge savings. The basic idea is this, figure out what items you can buy directly at a lower price than what you would pay a vendor. After the wedding, sell those items to another bride looking to do the same thing, recouping a portion of your funds.

For example, glassware for floral arrangements can be a significant line item in your floral bill. Instead of renting them or purchasing them from your florist, buy them yourself at your local craft store. To really capitalize on your savings, make sure you use the handful of coupons that are in the weekly newspapers. Usually you can get 40-50% off of one item and most stores accept competitors’ coupons. Go a few times a week taking a new coupon each time or take a few friends to the store, giving them each a coupon to use, and walk away with your glassware at half the price. Better still . . . when your wedding is over, list the glassware for sale on a website such as Craigslist, Ebay or Weddingbee and get some or ALL of your money back!

You can use the same strategy with online shopping for items such as linens, lanterns, candy bar supplies, etc. However, there are a couple of things you should be aware of when ordering such items online. Be sure to review the return policy. Since you are not able to inspect the quality of items until they arrive at your door, make sure there won’t be a large expense for returning those items if they are not up to snuff. Also, don’t forget that a significant portion of online pricing is in the shipping and handling cost. When trying to determine your savings, make sure you account for those expenses.chaircover2

Not all items you can purchase are appropriate for resale, but don’t let that stop you. Purchasing items directly such as favor boxes and fillings, candles, placecards, etc., rather than obtaining them through a vendor, will allow you the opportunity to get them on sale or with a coupon and without an upcharge often affixed by a vendor. Bear in mind that those same classified websites you can use to sell your items can also be a great place to purchase them.

Being a savvy shopper and giving yourself plenty of time to collect the items you need, will definitely help you stick to your budget. If you have the time and the bargain shopping skills, you’ll be amazed at what you can have and how much you can save!