How does a wedding planner prepare for a ROYAL wedding?

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I love to sleep!  Getting up early is a daily traumatic experience for me.  But on Friday, April 29, 2011, I plan to happily bounce out of bed at the early time of 4 am.  Why?  Well if you’re asking why, then you must not watch TV nor read the paper or ever stop in front of the magazine rack in the supermarket checkout line.

I’ll first prepare the dainty breakfast snacks during the pre-event coverage and then wake the kids so that they can be by my side as I relive one of the most formative moments in my childhood – – witnessing a royal wedding!

princess-diana-wedding-gownIn 1981, I was a young girl and had never been to a wedding.  So as I watched Lady Diana emerge from her magical coach, walk slowly down the aisle with her 25 foot train dragging against the royal red carpet, say “I do” and then emerge from the cathedral a Princess, I was forever changed.   It was the most amazing spectacle I had ever seen. This was the first wedding I had ever been to and I was immediately obsessed.  From that moment, my passion for weddings grew.  I would save my money and purchase bridal magazines only to study the beautiful images inside them and send away those postcards for free invitation samples.  I treasured my Princess Diana paper dolls and put her in her wedding gown most frequently.  I never played Barbie dolls without there being a wedding and I began to dream about my own wedding someday which ended up to be very much inspired by the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Many young girls and women love weddings.  But how many make a career out of it?  That early childhood moment sparked a dream in me that I never lost sight of.  And so, here I am, decades later, a professional wedding planner.  I spend everyday thinking about weddings, partnering with beautiful brides and working in magical venues.  It is my fairytale come true.

On Friday morning, I will watch Kate Middleton become Princess Catherine.  Not just because it will be beautiful and it is a big news story, but to pay tribute to my roots.  I will celebrate the moment that changed my life forever all those years ago and witness another moment that I know will change someone else’s.   My daughter perhaps?