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I read an interesting statistic today from The Wedding Report. Apparently 81% of wedding couples procure photography services for their big day;

while only 37% of couples seek the service of a videographer; a disturbing statistic I’d say. I happen to think that videography is one of the most underestimated and overlooked wedding services of them all, (aside from wedding planners, of course).

Sure it is traditional to hire a photographer and have the beautiful album on your coffee table for a year or two or at least until the soon to follow babies start cruising and drooling all over it. However, no matter how talented your photographer may be, there is a snapshot in time created with a video that two dimensional images can never capture. Some examples . . . the voices and expressions of loved ones who will one day depart this world; the excitement and animation of children who will soon grow, change and be almost unrecognizable; the crack in the best man’s voice when he gives his traditional toast and even when the guest with a big frizzy head of hair gets too close to the candles and guests start asking, “What’s that smell?” (True story!)

Obviously it’s a time when budget is of big concern to many couples planning such an expensive event. Videographers in a wide range of price exist in most areas. Do some comparison shopping and then inquire directly with those videographers that you’re most interested in. If you are still concerned about the expense, ask the videographer directly if there is any way to modify their packages to fit your budget. Often times removing special features like a photo montage, guest interviews or hi-tech editing effects can lower the overall cost. Even completely raw footage is better than no record of the day at all.

A side note for brides . . . remember this . . . you’re the last one in the room during the ceremony. Don’t you want the opportunity to see the expression on the face of your groom when he enters the room, the way your bridesmaids gracefully flow down the aisle or the snot streaming from the frightened ring bearer’s nose as he tentatively heads down the aisle toward the safety of his Mommy? Any couple’s wedding day is a blur. It’s amazing that months or years are spent planning an event that passes in what seems like an instant and couples are paying a hefty price for such an event. A lifelong account of such a sacred event; one you can relive on every anniversary; one you can share with your children and your children’s children . . . priceless!