Cupcakes Aren’t Just For Dessert Anymore

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Those who know me, know this about me . . . I am cupcake obsessed. Long before the cupcake craze in the wedding industry, the cute little confections were high atop my top five favorite things list. I also happen to be somewhat of a “foodie.” I love to cook, dine out and discover new recipes and cuisines. So the fact that the cupcake industry has exploded and bakers are thinking way outside the box with flavor combinations and design is very exciting for me. The choices aren’t just chocolate, vanilla, carrot and red velvet. The cutting edge “cupcakeries” are introducing cupcake consumers to an amazing variety of adventurous flavors which has me thinking about how cupcake lovers can get creative incorporating them into their events. Gone are the days of just creating a tiered display of the predictable favorites for dessert.  Here are some other ideas:



Cocktails & Cupcakes
Everyone expects cupcakes for dessert, but why not for cocktail hour? Serve an array of cocktail inspired cupcakes like these and create a display that looks more like a bar than a buffet. Try using straws as garnish and serve some in barware such as martini glasses.

Jack & Coke:  Chocolate Coca-Cola cupcake topped with bourbon buttercream.  A creation of Happy Cakes in Denver, CO.

Sweet Tea Vodka (Pictured Left): Sweet tea vodka flavored cupcake with sweet tea vodka buttercream icing featured on We Are Not Martha blog.

Cosmopolitan: Cranberry Cosmopolitan cake laced with Vodka, topped with Cosmopolitan Buttercream frosting made by Cocktail Cupcakes in Atlanta, GA.

Guinness: Chocolate cake made with Guinness beer topped with a rich cream cheese frosting courtesy of Little Cake Bakery in Atlanta, GA.


A Sweet and Savory Happy Hour
Savory cupcakes are a huge trend. Why not pair these unique cupcakes with the actual crowd pleasing items they are inspired by? This is one display that guests will have your buffalo_wing_cupcakeguests talking!

Buffalo Wing Cupcake (Right): A savory cornbread cupcake with bleu cheese frosting, topped with a chicken wing. This is the mad genius of Coccadots Cake Shop in Albany, NY.

Caramel Popcorn: Caramel cake topped with salty sweet butter caramel frosting, topped with a piece of kettle corn and caramel drizzle from Extreme Cake Sugar Shop in Fort Meyers, FL.

John’s Cheese Popper: Cheddar- jalapeno cake topped with spicy cheddar cheese frosting made by  Carolina Cupcakery in Norfolk, Va.

Chili Chocolate: Chocolate cake spiced with chili. Topped with chocolate flavoured buttercream and a sugared chili. This one was dreamed up by an Aussie from the The Cupcake Bakery in Sydney, Australia


breakfast club (1)A Wee Hours Wake-Up
If your event has guests dancing till dawn, why not surprise them with sweet nod to breakfast on their way out the door? Package these up in individual containers with a cute tag like “Have a sweet good morning” and send guests on their way with the perfect cure to a late night.

Breakfast Club (Left): French toast flavored cake. Topped with maple buttercream icing and sprinkled with crispy bacon.  From Our Lady of Cupcakes in Tulsa, OK.