Let Them Eat Cake!!!

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bettyscupcakesEver heard someone say, “I’m really not a cake person?” Well that is not me! I love cake! So imagine my delight when I discovered an amazingly innovative local business that is filling what I consider a very important need . . . mobile cupcakes! Lorraine and John Murphy, co-owners of Bettie’s Cakes based in Saratoga Springs have created a fabulous bakery on wheels that brings their delicious cupcakes to wherever you need your fix. Their double-decker 1950’s style bus can seat 25 people and can be hired for any occasion. I’m thinking . . . surprise late night snack for a wedding reception, a sweet treat for the Mitzvah or sweet sixteen guest of honor, Sunday breakfast . . . the options are endless!

As soon as I made this discovery, I realized it was imperative that I test out the product so that I could make an informed recommendation to my clients. Tough job, but I managed try four scrumptious designer cupcakes including Chocolate Peanut Butter, Key Lime and Red Velvet. My favorite was the Cosmopolitan which was a cranberry flavored cupcake with lime icing inspired by the release of the new Sex in the City movie. It was both adorable and delectable.

So I’m wondering which of my hip clients are going to be the first ones to surprise their guests with this mobile sweetshop? Also wondering . . . what other treats can we put on wheels?

You can visit the stationary Cupcakery Café at 454 Broadway, Saratoga, NY and get more information about the cupcake bus here