Meghan & Mark – Key Hall, Schenectady

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Meghan & MarkWe had a smaller, low key wedding, and were on the fence about if we needed a coordinator. It was all in one place, we hired great people, what could go wrong? We took the leap and hired Taia anyway, and it was one of our greatest decisions. She and Sara were worth their weight in gold. From the moment we hit the ground for our wedding weekend, I knew they had our back in anything. Taia was a sounding board as we talked through logistics at the rehearsal, a moderator for countless small issues, made an emergency Target run for a frame, and even drove me the three blocks to the wedding after an unexpected cold snap left downtown Schenectady slushy and freezing cold in late March. There are so many big and small ways that she and Sara made the day better. They took the weight of moving stuff, checking stuff, and just general monitoring of everything that goes into a wedding day off the shoulders of us and our families. I can’t imagine the day without them and can’t recommend them highly enough.