Negotiate (Tip #5: Champagne Wedding . . . Boxed Wine Budget)

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This tip is a biggie that can result in big savings! Negotiating terms with wedding vendors can take on many forms. It is not always as simple as asking for a lower price for any given service.

CHAMPAGNE4The first step to negotiation is doing your homework. Know what the going rate is for services in your area and make sure that you talk with more than one vendor so that you can make valid comparisons between them. Once you do this, you’ll have a better idea of who you are in a position to negotiate with.

Next is determining who has more “chips” in any given negotiation. If you choose to have your wedding during an off-peak season or day, your negotiating power can be pretty high. The vendor may really need your sale and with the pool of customers smaller for your date, they may be more willing to accommodate you. However, make sure to use great tact and diplomacy when negotiating. Demanding a lower price may not get you far. Instead, a great way to begin this discussion with a vendor would be . . . “we chose to have an off-season wedding because we have a limited budget. This is what we had in mind to spend. Is there any way that we can get the price closer to this number?” This respectful request provides the vendor the opportunity to make a proposal to you that may be more enticing.

The most important thing to remember about negotiating is not making demands but instead inviting a vendor into a mutual discussion of how to structure services to meet your particular needs and budget. If you find a vendor completely unwilling to accommodate you, don’t be afraid to keep looking for someone else who will.

So . . . get out there and negotiate!