Think small to save BIG

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In today’s economy, I meet with more and more couples who are struggling to plan their dream weddings and not break the bank. Although I am always full of tips on how to multipurpose items or create inexpensive “DIY” decor, the bottom line is that the best way to lower your cost is to downsize your guest list. One great rule of thumb . . . This will be the best party you’ve ever been to in your life. If you’re not prepared or wanting to take at least five minutes out of your evening to have a conversation with the person, you may want to leave them off the list.
The best way to conceptualize the “cost of people” is to actually figure out your per person cost for the wedding and multiply that number by the number of people that you might be on the fence about. How much could that amount buy you in additional special elements of the wedding such as upgrades in food or decor or better yet how many cocktails could it afford you on your honeymoon? The most important thing is that on your wedding day you are surrounded by those people who love you, have influenced you the most and will be a part of your new life as a married couple. Some of the best weddings I’ve ever been to are the ones that are relatively small yet elaborate in the details. With a smaller guest list, you can afford more of the extras that really make a wedding “WOW”. The bonus is that with a scaled back guest list you have much greater flexibility in selecting a unique venue and the event itself takes on a cozier and more intimate feel that guests appreciate and remember. The bottom line . . . Think small and you’ll save BIG!!!