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Tiffany-&-BrianWe hired Taia for the Essentials Package and we were so happy with the results.
Throughout the planning process we met with Taia every 2 months to review the budget, timeline, and figure out what projects to work on in the next 2 months. This was a lifesaver being able to sit down and show her what we had done so far and figure out what else had to be done. After a while, Taia knew our style and was able to plan all the details to match the vision we had for our wedding. Everything came together really smooth for the wedding. She did such a great job with the overall design concept and everything looked perfect at the venue because of all her hard work.

On the day of the wedding, Taia and her staff were beyond wonderful. They brought us refreshments for while we were getting ready and also was available all day to answer any questions we had or get anything we needed. She even had to sew up a couple of the bridesmaids dresses after they ripped before the ceremony. She ensured everything went perfectly and it was so reassuring to know that we had here there in case we needed anything. Taia does amazing work and is a pleasure to work with.