A twist on the treat buffet that is sure to be “pop”ular!

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By now, most everyone has been to an wedding or event featuring a candy buffet. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still a trend that I love. You can never go wrong offering guests the opportunity to be a “kid in a candy store” and indulge in the forbidden! However, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this twist on the treat buffet concept . . . a gourmet popcorn buffet. Fill a table with different size and shape containers filled with many different varieties of this sweet and salty treat. Make sure to provide guests with personalized bags or containers so they can fill up and take their goodies home as their favor.
A wide variety of gourmet popcorn sold in bulk may be more difficult to find locally in certain areas, so it’s time to surf the web. There are many companies out there with a quality product and reasonable prices, but my choice is Vic’s Corn Popper (http://www.vicspopcornomaha.com/). The popcorn is delicious, their prices are right and the popcorn arrives fresh. Give this a try and you are guaranteed to get rave reviews from your guests!