And the winner is . . . Erin & Matt!!!

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I was in the studio today when 104.9 The Cat’s Ally Reid called Erin to give her the good news!  She and her fiance Matt won Bridal Idol and walked away with the grand prize all-inclusive wedding package provided by Inspired Occasions and The Old Daley Inn on Crooked Lake.  It was very exciting but I definitely wish that we had more than one of these wedding packages to give away.  There were so many special couples in the contest.  I’m glad it was the listeners and not me who had the tough job of picking one winner.

If you haven’t gotten to know Erin and Matt over the past couple of weeks on the radio, here is their story as written by Erin:

[quote]”My fiancé Matt and I have been together since July of last year. We met on accident through a mutual friend and later found out that we had a lot of mutual friends and had seen each other before, but never actually met. He invited me out for drinks for his birthday and I accepted but was planning on blowing him off. At the last minute I decided to go anyway for lack of anything better to do. We have been inseparable ever since! We are trying to plan a wedding for February of next year but do not think we will ever be able to afford to do so. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis last June and I’m in debt up to my knees with medical bills. I already work 50 or more hours a week and still can barely afford to get by with just regular bills, let alone my medical expenses. I am physically too tired to work any more than I do. I come home exhausted every day, and we barley get to spend any time together as I just want to sleep when I get home. We want to get married as soon as we can because I’m scared I may get more sick and miss out on having the wedding of we both deserve. MS is so unpredictable that anything can happen. I just want to be able to walk down the aisle on my own on that day and not have to be pushed in a wheelchair. My biggest fear is that I will not be able to walk down the aisle on my own. I want to be able to enjoy the first day of the rest of our lives together while I am healthy enough to do so. I would love more than anything in the world to have a stress free wedding where we could forget about everything else for a day and just focus on starting our lives together.”[/quote]

Now that that Erin and Matt have been chosen, its time for the planning to begin!  There are only eight weeks until their wedding on June 4th so its my job to make sure that we make decisions efficiently and in the correct order so that everything comes together in the end.  So we start first thing tomorrow.  Stay tuned for video clips and a recap of our first day on this planning journey!